We are looking for:
Women/ teens must stand between 5'8-5'11 ft. tall
Men/ teens must stand between 5'11-6'3 ft. tall

Please email (teen/adult) photos for
consideration to:

or, mail to:
Scout Model Agency
Attn: New Faces
81 Lansing Street #401
San Francisco, CA 94107

Please note the following when submitting images (for teens/adults): 1) no makeup, simple hair
2) no touched up images (we want to see what you really look like)
3) simple background, a simple white wall works great
4) natural light with no flash if possible
5) wear a bathing suit or something that shows your body
6) a close up of your face, hair back
7) a close up of your face profile
8) a close up of your face smiling
9) a full body shot (in bathing suit)
10) professional images are not necessary

Please include your stats with your images. Include: full name, address, phone, email, age, height, and measurements. (bust, waist, hips)

*If you do not include a self address stamped envelope your pictures will not be returned.

Ensure your images are not larger than 3mb each in size

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Image is ready
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